Works of art featuring YOU!!!!
This takes Boudoir Photography & Portfolios one step further.
When most women see my work they say,  "I wish I looked like that.....Where do you find models that will pose for you?"    Many times that's their way of asking can you take a picture like that of me?  The truth is that all of my images are photographs taken of everyday average woman.  Women that want to be sexy, and photographed in a way that they would be proud to show others.   A classy "sexy", if you will... 

 What's your best feature?  We'll focus on that during your session....

No this isn't for everyone, but most of my clients/friends never forget the experience (nor the pain the next day.  It's not easy to hold some of these poses, remember, they JUST  LOOK natural.)    It's all about the pose, the lighting, and the composition.  I love to photograph in a natural setting.   It brings so much more life to the photograph and is honestly more exhilarating to the subject as well..   View some of my images, then call me to set up your "work of art" portrait session today....

 Yes,  I do Photoshop!!!! 
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Images By Tamera
"."Work of Art sessions" run $250.00 for 1.5 - 2 hrs of shooting. With that fee, you will receive a beautiful professional printed 16X24 Wall Print, and 5 of your favorite images on a disk, (with the option to buy all). More prints, books, or other gifts can be ordered online from a private, password protected web page. or ordered directly from the photographer.
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